Lifting a House for Foundation Removal and Replacement

Lifting a house to replace the foundation – see the full story HERE

Some benefits of replacing a foundation:

  • Proper waterproofing
  • Adequate insulation
  • New drain tile
  • Ease of mechanical system replacement
  • Improved wiring and piping
  • Finished space with egress windows

This 1920’s farmhouse had a limestone foundation that would have to go.

Lifting the home around 18” provided space to replace mechanicals. Interestingly we discovered that the southern 25% of the home wasn’t even on a foundation or frost footings! This was the kitchen area. Soon to be fixed!

The house was lowered onto the new foundation and now level. Time to fix the drywall/plaster cracks and doors and windows that needed adjusting.

A waterproofed foundation
Proper insulation
Working drain-tile
Mechanical systems
Wiring and piping
Egress windows
A much better working stairway
It was a great project. To read more click HERE
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